Complete Mastery of ATC Clearances


No more bumbling and stumbling on the radios.

No more sweating when ATC fire-hoses you with an IFR route clearance.

Get the clearance right with Clearance Magic a complete online learning program.

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“I’m loving the course – it’s exactly what I needed. Simple, clear explanations, lots of great practice – I can mostly copy the departure clearances now, and when I started I couldn’t even do the simplest enroute ones… THANKS!”
Jeremy Bloch, Private Pilot

“After taking the course I found all the subsequent ATC communications (except one) during training and during the FAA check ride very easy to read back and understand. At my flight school we did a practice clearance before every flight and I got all those “read backs” perfect. The FAA check ride clearance was very easy.

For $39, your course was probably the best value I got in my IFR training. I went from being very unsure of the radio communications aspect of IFR flying to being extremely confident I could handle almost anything.”
Michael Rocereta, Private Pilot

“Thank you for this excellent course! The section on holding instructions will certainly come in handy . . .”
Rene Schreiber, MD-87 Pilot, Sweden

Learn by Doing


  • Clearance Magic is hands-on learning.
  • Copy ATC clearances in real time.
  • Work at your own pace and intensity.
  • Personal and private. No one looking over your shoulder.

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